Jan 10, 2010

@PowerSmoothie Here is a simple example of making a synth from Hidden palace Future

Click here to download:
sonicdemo.rns (92 KB)

I made a synth that sort of resembles this

Well attached is a reason file that sort of emulates the Synth that
starts in 1:26

It's very easy to make a synth like that now. That attachment took me
literally less than 5.

The original synth is Pro-53 VST; the delay is cubase's double delay.

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Dec 29, 2009

Animal Crossing - DJKK (FFMusic Dj Mix)

Hey guys, I'll be switching over from mp3's to sound cloud very soon, seems tons of people seem to be making a lot of money using my links on their sites w/ commercials on them. Sound Cloud to the rescue!

Today I'll be posting a song from Animal Crossing. It was made for an animal crossing project but some people never finished the song they said they would do so it never got finished.

I'm releasing it again.

You can download the original wav even! Enjoy guys :)

Jul 9, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Final Fantasy VII - Off The Edge of Despair (FFmusic Dj Mix)

Did I tell you? Back in 1999 I made this remix of Final Fantasy VII but never released it.

Wha? Why? I actually don't remember why. It's an OLD song, 10 years old. Damn, I made this when I was 14 years old! Good god... And I am surprised it sounds as good as it does. some people might say it sounds nothing like the original, but thats what I was going for I guess.

Man I miss playing Final Fantasy VII, it's arguably the best RPG ever made, but it's by far the best game I ever played. And I miss making dance songs. This is before I went into the whole trance thing.

Anyways, enjoy it for what it is.

Jul 7, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Crono Trigger - Chrono Corridor (FFmusic Dj Mix)

A really fun game, I made this remix back in 2002 so sorry if it not up to par with today.

This song was featured in Square Dance. They don't sell those anymore so why not share this with you all.