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Dec 27, 2006

Ocean labs - Satellite (Hap Electro Mix)

This is a very cool song you guys, before the new years comes, I wanna share this song with you.

I used one sine wave to make the whole song . here is a picture of what a sine wave looks like ...

See? it's just one block of wave.

This was actually a competition at school. I won :p

Everyone made a techno song because, well what else can you make with one sine wave? Techno, trance, all of the above.

I knew people would be making this crap all over the place and I needed something different.

Heheh This is where I recycled the Ocean labs Satellites vocals again and Woo! I got myself a hit. But it's how I arranged the song that totally hit the spot.

Get this, hip hop R&B whatever you wanna call it, I changed the key, then started to make instruments that are more natural. Though I fell far from the goal of making more natural tone samples. I made a hihat, snare, clap, and a nice drum sound. All made form my old drum machine (I miss my drum machine). Anyways after an enormous use of modulation, bit crushers, etc etc ... I never finished the song, it was suppose to be a small demo, not a full song.

So anyways, no one in class has ever heard or thought of making something out of the sine wave! I don't know what to say, I'm happy, I accomplished something no other human in that class had. It's a 10 year old class with a new class coming in every month ... thats a lot of people, no one thought of this idea?

Well, anyways, enough of me rambling, just enjoy the song for what it's worth.



Mishotaki said...

what happened for everything to dissapear?

Neo Cloudski said...

Although I'm nto a fan of lyrics in Techno very much, you definitly deserved the win for that remix. ^_^ Great stuff.

Brad said...

I hate to be nit-picky but isn't it spelled "sine wave"?

Anyways, great song. It's one of my favorites. =)

ffmusicdj said...

Yea, it is, I just love spelling :p

Pretz said...

best remix of this song i've heard out there.

Is it me or does the song abruptly end, though?