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Dec 29, 2009

Animal Crossing - DJKK (FFMusic Dj Mix)

Hey guys, I'll be switching over from mp3's to sound cloud very soon, seems tons of people seem to be making a lot of money using my links on their sites w/ commercials on them. Sound Cloud to the rescue!

Today I'll be posting a song from Animal Crossing. It was made for an animal crossing project but some people never finished the song they said they would do so it never got finished.

I'm releasing it again.

You can download the original wav even! Enjoy guys :)

Jul 9, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Final Fantasy VII - Off The Edge of Despair (FFmusic Dj Mix)

Did I tell you? Back in 1999 I made this remix of Final Fantasy VII but never released it.

Wha? Why? I actually don't remember why. It's an OLD song, 10 years old. Damn, I made this when I was 14 years old! Good god... And I am surprised it sounds as good as it does. some people might say it sounds nothing like the original, but thats what I was going for I guess.

Man I miss playing Final Fantasy VII, it's arguably the best RPG ever made, but it's by far the best game I ever played. And I miss making dance songs. This is before I went into the whole trance thing.

Anyways, enjoy it for what it is.

Jul 7, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Crono Trigger - Chrono Corridor (FFmusic Dj Mix)

A really fun game, I made this remix back in 2002 so sorry if it not up to par with today.

This song was featured in Square Dance. They don't sell those anymore so why not share this with you all.

Jun 28, 2009

Final Fantasy X - Isnt it Wonderful (FFMusic Dj Mix DEMO)

It's no finished. This isn't the final arrangement either. I just wanted to share a huge improvement in sound quality. What do you you guys think?

Jun 22, 2009

Original Music: Horizon Beyond

This is a couple of years old.

I don't remember anything about it. I just remember I mastered in 2008.

All made in Reason, artwork is by Chris Foss.


Jun 20, 2009

2012 = Apocalypse Porn

How awesome is this?!?

I don't think anything is actually going to happen in 2012. It's just a film, not a prediction.

Isn't it just an assumption that the world will end? What if it's the feeling of misery that will end in the world? What if death will be a non existence entity after 2012?

I heard some 2012 specialist say that after 2012, women will be the leaders.(wtf?) OOH NO! NOT WOMEN!

Jun 18, 2009

Watch Anime on Youtube for free

Did you hear, Funmation is kicking some serious ass by putting up anime on youtube & hulu.

I was browsing through and started freaking out when I saw Ouran High School Host Club on youtube! How freaking awesome is that?!

I had to immediaetly find my favorite episode from the series.

I just burst into laughter when I watch this episode. This anime isn't for everyone, but lord,
there are a lot of selections on youtube and hulu.

Personally, I feel this is the most appropriate step an anime distribution company can take, put it up on a streaming site and add commercials. This way you really are doing a fantastic job beating out some of the piracy. Personally, I much rather stream the episode than download it. It eats up my HD space. And whats the point of download some of these anime episodes when you are never going to watch more than 80% of them ever again?

If quality is the problem, it shouldn't be, Hulu and youtube both have really high quality streaming. Specifically HULU for streaming a full SDTV signal. it's rare to find HD anime streams though. I personally have a computer that chokes up when I run HD on it so I don't care if the show is in SD or HD quality.
Aside from that, this is kick ass.

Jan 16, 2009

FAILED: D.H.T - Listen to your heart (HAP Mix)

Hey guys, I think it's time I start to acknowledge that some song, I just won't ever be able to finish. I hate this. It's almost like this curse I have; I make a song, It's just great, I POST it on the internet, and suddenly, I lose interest, or something in my life happens, or I get writers block. When any of those things happen, I decide to take a break... and if I dont come back to finish the song, it was just not meant to be. 

I think I should be sharing some of these unfinished songs with you guys. I'll post them... Hopefully that would give you an idea of what I had going and where I FAILED.


I am truly sorry, I tried, I really did. This song, I made about ... eeh, around 2005/2006, around the time DHT actually became popular. I was so into the song, It was easy to get into making this song. I stared on it and ... Oop ... as it turns out, 2005/2006 was one of the most difficult times of my life. I left everyone in Florida, went to LA with NO SUPPORT FROM PARENTS and ... it was just hard doing things by myself, with no support? I look back at those times now and I can not believe I made it this far.

This song was something I worked on because one of my friends from college loved the original. She actually let me stay at her place rent free in LA. The least I could have done was made her this song ahahaha.

What made this a true FAIL was, at the time, I was on the go, so everything was done on a Laptop, a laptop which later had it's audio 1/8 headphone jack broken (FYI don't buy a sony viao it's a terrible quality product). At that point the laptop became useless... and was later destroyed by my hands. Ooh yea, completely destroyed. I can not describe to you how liberating it is to destroy something that is taunting you for the longest time, as far as I'm concerned, that laptop was EVIL! ... erm ... I mean, I lost all my saves that were in that laptop. So I believe I will not be able to recreate the same song ever again.

So enjoy it for what it's worth.

(This song was made in cubase SX2, I used a Korg electribe SX to make the drum patterns in battery. Mostly everything is vengance vanguard.)

If you find all the files to this song, would you finish making this song? This was a hard trance song, I really wouldnt know where to begin if I picked it up now. The answer is no.

Jan 12, 2009

I update EVERY DAY!

But not here, I have a twitter I use on a constant basis. It's mostly to keep in touch with friends, but I POST A LOT OF MUSIC ON TWITTER. It's mostly demos, tons of demos. Like right now, I remixed a song, the link is on my twitter

Sometimes I need help, sort of advice, I need people to maybe listen to a song and tell me what they think. If you are interested, follow me.

I do talk about a lot of personal stuff so keep that in mind.

I also have a facebook. Search for Haroon Piracha. I'm the only one living in LA.

Now this isn't to suggest that I wont post here anymore. I just make little tiny updates. Keep in touch.

Anyways, that is all.

Jan 6, 2009

Oceanlab - Satellite (Hap Mix)

Another song I posted, i sware I remember posting! 
This is one of those songs with original vocals! Used with permission! it's way different, and way original form the original? Hear more man!
This is a song I made about 2 years ago, it was actually inspired by a photo of ... well I think it was the earth, and a moon forming. I called the song "New Born Earth and Moon". Believe me, this was one heck of a picture.

Eventually, I got my hands on the Vox of Oceanlab's finest song. The vocals were clean cut and perfect. All I had to do was mix it, but to what? Aaah, this song! It somehow went perfect with my Earth song. I mixed in the vocals and before I knew it, I had a hit.

It's a great song, with great vocals; you would not be smart to miss this song!

Jan 5, 2009

BT - The Great Escape (HAP Mix)

I sware, I posted this, This was posted! I remember doing this!
No matter. So people were asking where the great escape BT song is that I did a while ago.... It was originally a 3 minute song, A chillout version of BT's The great escape. It's now a full song, I eventually found time to make the song into a whole actual finished song. It should sound totally different from what the original sounds like. I changed the cords, wored out really well.

BT a really nice looking guy and all (seriously, they dont call him the "prince of dance music" cause of his skills :p ) but, he's WAYYYYY too obsessed with his kid. It's one thing to dedicate music to your friends or loved one, it's a completely different think to actually force people at your live preformance (who might I remind you didnt come) to view hours of video of your kid (walking, dancing, taking a poopie) at your concert. Seriously though, I come to a BT live to see BT, not BT's obsessions, and I'm never making a mistake of going to another one of his live again.