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Dec 27, 2006

Ocean labs - Satellite (Hap Electro Mix)

This is a very cool song you guys, before the new years comes, I wanna share this song with you.

I used one sine wave to make the whole song . here is a picture of what a sine wave looks like ...

See? it's just one block of wave.

This was actually a competition at school. I won :p

Everyone made a techno song because, well what else can you make with one sine wave? Techno, trance, all of the above.

I knew people would be making this crap all over the place and I needed something different.

Heheh This is where I recycled the Ocean labs Satellites vocals again and Woo! I got myself a hit. But it's how I arranged the song that totally hit the spot.

Get this, hip hop R&B whatever you wanna call it, I changed the key, then started to make instruments that are more natural. Though I fell far from the goal of making more natural tone samples. I made a hihat, snare, clap, and a nice drum sound. All made form my old drum machine (I miss my drum machine). Anyways after an enormous use of modulation, bit crushers, etc etc ... I never finished the song, it was suppose to be a small demo, not a full song.

So anyways, no one in class has ever heard or thought of making something out of the sine wave! I don't know what to say, I'm happy, I accomplished something no other human in that class had. It's a 10 year old class with a new class coming in every month ... thats a lot of people, no one thought of this idea?

Well, anyways, enough of me rambling, just enjoy the song for what it's worth.


Dec 25, 2006



Is my luck that bad?

Everything is gone :( GONE! Aargh! I wont give up! I'm gonna re-post everything I had!

This stinks.

May 10, 2006

Utada Hikaru - Passion - After the Battle - Live (KH2)

Well, I'm allowing you to download the original song from my site, can't take this site down.

Enjoy the song.


Jan 19, 2006

Delerium - Silence (Hap Mix)

One of those very old songs I worked on.

I don't even remember when I worked on this song honestly, this song has been erased form my mind. Just download it!


Jan 18, 2006

Final Fantasy 6 - Relm (Hap Mix)

One of the most complicates songs I have ever made in my life!

This song was originally, a piece of crap, I spent like a couple of days working on it and it was a smooth techno remix. The main melody was terrible, I mean ... wow, I remember I let people hear the demo of it and people were like " wtf?" Eventually I started to realize that the chords I used in this song don’t really go with the main melody of Relm.

One day I bought a drum machine, a sampler and all that changed. Suddenly, my song was slower, with a lot more groove. The drum samples were amazing. And the bass was a lot more vibrant, the bass moved up and down a lot. Suddenly, the song started to work with the chords I gave to it. But the final decent into completion, the main melody was changed into a melody that transformed itself from a pad to a 16 bar metronome. Easy release rate really made this main melody shine.

To top it off, I added a piano, adds a real nice touch if you ask me.

To top it off, I added samples from the drum machine, rhythmic vocal samples to really give it another twist. And something no one may know, the fx on the vocals can not be done on a computer, they were made live on the drum machine. The vocals are form the vocal version of Relm! Try to listen to the song and see if you can hear the vocals!

Enjoy you guys.


Jan 17, 2006

Final Fantasy 6 - Celces Dance(Hap Mix)

Do some people still remember this? This is like an old ass mix I made like waaaaay back when. Fresh and sexy looking, right form the mastering stage!
I just went ahead and re-mastered it. It sounds warmer now.

Everything else is eq'ed correctly. Nothing more I could do, this is like the ONLY copy I have of it so there was like this noise in the background, eeh, I couldn't fix it, it's there but I guess it's just staying.

Anyways, Wow, this is a really groovin song. I really like this, I really do.

And I really worked hard on this song and I hope you can hear it.


Jan 16, 2006

Breath of Fire - Sad Melody (Hap Mix)

Aah, oldies, made 3 years back at least; this was a very old song I made using all reason. The concepts were simple, and yet strong, make a trance song using nothing but the main melody.

I started with the piano melody in the beginning, and started a real nice and cool hard drum base. After a while, I thought the main melody was weak, so I decided to change the piano into synth. But then they sounds horrible with the piano melody, so I got lazy and made a pattern on the matrix as a controller to control the volume of the synth and that�s what gave the feel of the synth in patterns being playing on a keyboard but really it's the original piano melody that I recorded playing all along. You�ll get a little shot of the synth playing without the controller in the end of the song.

After I was finished with the song, I decided that enough was enough, and I was finished with the song, but that I still need something keep this song in tact with a classic origin. This is where I decided to bring back the piano and play the melody I played before. So now you have the main melody on the piano, and a synth, and it sounded really good.


Xenogears - Dream Egg (Dance Mix)

Isn't that great? One of my favorite game in the world, well, one of them! Anyways, you guys remember this mix? It's another Old Classic, Dream Egg (Dance Mix) Man I love Florida Dance. That stuff totally roxors! I was working on the Project Majestic Mix Album, and I decided that I should make a dance mix with the great trance melody I made for this song. I was listening to a lot of Florida Dance mixes, man, Florida Dance mixes totally rock. If you ever get a chance, go to Miami, the club scene there is hot.

Anyways, This song is one of my favorite. I like how the soundtrack of Xenogears is smooth and very flowing and sensual, kind of like some dance/trance tracks that are out there.

A lot of people told me that the tune brings back old classical NES memories for some reason. If you like it, thanks, if you don’t, I hope my next song will be something you might look forward to.