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Oct 14, 2007

Final Fantasy VII - Under the Ocean (PO! & FFmusic Dj Mix)

This is one track I had loads of fun doing because of Me and PO. This track... It was simple, it was easy, and I enjoyed working on this piece with PO

I started with strings and the main melody, I knew that I would need beats of some sort to make this song work, so I asked PO To help me out on that. He also helped me with some of the strings and the main melody that you can hear in the song. The song had atmosphere, but he added a whole bit of flavor to the song, now it sounds more relaxing and soothing. All sound effects were done by me; and one more thing �.

If you listen closely to the waves, you can hear a weapon, I mean, you can hear the FFVII hmm... Its Emerald weapon form Final Fantasy 7! :p

Thanks PO! for your help.

Harmonic Sky

A chillout song...

It started with just a melody you hear in the beginning, and before you know it, I added strings, a very beautiful harp, and some nice relaxing beats that would make anyone wanna go to sleep. It's one of my first "chillout" songs that really feels like "chillout".

Now I really miss making music.

FFmusic DJ - Bisfark

This was one of those songs I made for fun.

Back in 2005. 2005 right? Ooh god, I don't remember.

But hey, the vocals I hear are from song I have never heard of, any idea where the vocals are from? I just used then from sample library.

I miss making original music, after listening to this song. Shut up! I know, I'll make more.

Final Fantasy VII - Main Theme (FFmusic Dj)

Finally, who can forget the best of the best games EVEA! Another one of my favorite games, favorite songs. Final Fantasy VII, if you haven't played the game, you either truthfully believe that FFVI is better or you lived in a cave. Play this game if you get a chance. In the mean time, while you play the game, you'll come across the Main Theme of the game.

Someone had to make a trance remix out of it. I know there has been a BUtT load of remixes in the past for this song but, it's the main theme man, come on. GET WITH IT!

This took me months to complete. Months. I actually made it a straight up, trance. But it was just so boring. I ended up making a chilled out version of the song. And it worked, I don't know how... but it just sounded sweet.

Take a listen yourself.

Einhander - Dawn (FFmusic Dj Mix)

This is one of my FAVORITE songs I had to ever make (other than any FFVII stuff). I love Einhander, It's possibly one of the best shooters I have ever played in my life. And by shooters, I mean shoot em up (not halo, or first person, it's old skool man).

After I finished the song, I had a interesting person listen to it, it was the composer of the Einhander soundtrack! True story.

A copy of this song was sent to Kenichiro Fukui, I believe, and from what I hear, he loved it. The people at Cocoe biz were nice enough to send him a copy and even send me a reply back from him.

Man, that was some sort of satisfaction for me. This mix just sounded awesome, it felt bigger and beeeeefy.

Mind you, it's a progressive trance man, PROGRESSIVE TRANCE, thats why it's long dude, (get with the times yo!) and enjoy.

Star Ocean 2 - Rena's Theme (FFmusic Dj Mix)

Another song from 2004.

Have you played Star Ocean 2? Amazing game. One of my favorites. I never finished it. (what? it was too long!) But I did play long enough to finish the first disk. So I had a chance to listen to a lot of Star Ocean. I played through the first disk twice, making differnet choices the second time around. Loved it.

One of the main characters was Rena and she deserved to have her theme remixes. And then I said...

"Hello 'Rena's theme', let me introduce you to trance..."
And out popped my remix of the song. :)

Xenogears - Dream Egg (FFmusic Dj Mix)

As much as most of you would like to think that I did NOTHING in 2004. I did do stuff, I just didn't release to it for download.

Xenogears. I made two versions of this song, one was a dance mix I believe. This one is a straight up trance song.

Enough of me talking. just download the song, and be sure to comment up!

Delerium - Silence (Mix 2)

I don't know whats wrong with me, why don't I just make one song, and be done with it? I cant! It's like, against the rules. I am bipolar like CRAZY! WOOOO!

So, I am sure I didn't release this song. Tis a Delerium song. remixes sooo many times. even I mixed it once, but I remixed it again.

I didn't like how the first Delerium mix was done, I don't think I made that clear, not that I had the first mix but, I made sure this sounded way different form the first mix I did. It has new drums, new bass line. It's not so hard-trance, as it is, just, trance.

Enjoy it for what it's worth.

Download (right click to save)


I dont know why I like this song so much, I just do. It's different, I want to finish this, I mean, not finish it but make it longer, a club mix or something. Something spin able. Recovery was misspelled when I saved it as a track I am not spelling what I spelled. Then again, it was never about the name. I just had fun making this song. I haven't had fun like that in years. And to make things better, it was a original song. I really fell back in 2005-2006 time period, so I felt that this was a pick up.

I give to you, Recovery. released my, not me, but Reunion. Thanks for hosting Reunion.

Download (right click to save)

Runny Mornings

This is a song made in 2003. Long time ago, when I was 18.

I loved hard trance, so this was one of those hard trance songs I made.

I know, very, generic. But man I like listening to it from time to time. I don't remember why SGX was involved in this but man, if you listen to the song, SGX's name comes up a lot.

Download (right click to save)

Oct 9, 2007

Final Fantasy VI + Luckey Star = ZOMG?...

OOh man ... talk about freaking crazy. This is why I didn't wanna get into the anime lucky Star. This is by far one of the craziest things I have ever seen.

Basically, they took the intro to Lucky Star and gave it a Final Fantasy VI approach.

I dont know where they got the vocals from but damn, it's a good remix of both Final Fantasy and Lucky Star.

Oct 6, 2007

PSP Slim doesn't work on Standard TV

Why isn't this on every blog? Posted in bold letters?

If I knew, I wouldn't have spent so much money buying a new PSP.

First thing I did after I bought the PSP was, I bought a Component AV cable for the PSP-2000

My Tv has those component plugs so I thought my TV could do progressive scan.

Anyways, I come home, rip apart my PSP slim, it's everything people were saying it was, it's slim, it's smaller, it's soooooooooooo light. Amazing.

I put in a UMD movie and start watching and I start giggling. Ooh man am I gonna have fun with this. I connect it to my Tv and start watching the movie. it looks great BTW for a UMD quality movie.

Screw UMD's I wanted to play games and I put in Parappa the Rapper ...

I get this sign....

What is this???!

Ok, so I have to have the TV in progressive? Well I have Component Av cables, no problem ...

I switch to Progressive, and this is what happens....

What the HELL!?!?!?

I had to switch back immediately and I tried countless other games thinking maybe one of them will not output progressive but interlaced. Nope.

I don't know what to say. TURNS OUT, You can not play games on your TV UNLESS you have an HD tv with Progressive scan, Otherwise, you can use it to watch movies or listen to music on your TV. Why would anyone buy a PSP just to watch movies and listen to music on their TV? Maybe one can put demos of their work on the PSP and show it proudly on a TV to clients when going to game conventions, but that not why Sony made this output feature.

I much rather be playing some of these games on a TV instead of the PSP screen. but it has to be a HD TV that supports progressive scan? isn't that pushing it a little? How many people actually have TV's like this? Wrong question, how many people can actually buy a TV like this? If you do have HD-TV, seriously, congratulations, thats awesome, you dont have to worry about this.

But not every PSP fan is gonna have a freaking HD TV with Progressive scan.

I don't know what to do now ... I feel a little cheated. None of the gaming blogs I know of mentioned anything about the PSP slim not supporting standard TV's or I wouldn't have actually purchased a PSP slim until I had a TV to connect it to.


In the mean time,

know of a way I can connect this PSP to my computer screen? What connectors would I need? I have a DVI computer screen, thats all I know about my computer screen. Any suggestions?

Please tell me this is some sort of a joke and that I can use a d-terminal AV cable to output in progressive scan ....

Oct 2, 2007

Heavenly Stars - EP

Yup, I got the whole album right here for you.

Genki Rockets did a good job at making the original.

And honestly? I think some of the songs are alright; but not as good as the original.
I'm actually really surprised. Listen to the songs yourself! I'll be reviewing these songs tonight.

Also if you are interested in listening to this album while browsing the internet, firefox user can do so. Click on the link below, it will ask you to bookmark, bookmark away, and open the bookmark and firefox will automatically open the side bar with the songs from Heavenly Stars - EP loaded in it.
Listen to Heavenly Stars - EP on your Firefox sidebar

Oct 1, 2007

My Lumines 2 Remix

It's not done yet, I don't have any solid DAW to work on so I'm kind of stranded.

My software on Mac crashes so I can't use it. But it was originally made on my Mac using Pro tools and Reason.

I wanna switch to Cubase and Reason, but I still have a problem of arranging the piece. Making music has become harder and harder. It has, as I make more high quality music, my standard is lifting. Plus there is a lot of competition out there now.

I usually rise to challenges such as other competitors but with the lack of a DAW, I dont know what to do. It's like that inspiration juice has run dry and my motivation has be drained by software that crashes and hardware that can't handle more than 1 or 2 instruments running at one time.

I think I'm in need of a stand alone DAW, Hardware and software that don't work on a PC or a Mac.

That or I have to wait to buy a new PC

Otherwise, this Lumines 2 mix would be done!


Listen in on it. It's nowhere near finished but man does it sound sweeeeet.

Sep 27, 2007

Modified the site

Major changes, here and there, have been added. Can't move around "my ass", I just couldn't sit here and wait for this little bitch ( my web designer) to show up. The bitch bailed on me. That son of a .... stole my money! She did a half-assed job. I had to fix practically everything that mattered, like navigation?

Ugh, I even told her I'd pay her if she would fix the small things, but no, she just didn't respond to any of my messages. The bitch bailed. D:

Here are the major changes to the site.

  • Posts are now linked; who would think that this is such an important thing? fuck I got soo annoyed I couldn't click on my own posts. How can you possibly link my posts to others sites? You cant if I don't provide you with the link! So now every post should have a link.
  • Home button at the end of the page. I don't know why this was important but you much rather have a home button than a "scroll back up manually you whore" button.
  • Lables lables lables! I love mis spelling!! I added labels to the main page. Their are not that many labels posted as of yet but, just hang in there, I'll be adding more and more random lables :p.
  • Navigation bar!!! WOOT! Now you can stop bitching about where the music is, gosh! I'll be adding more random stuff there.
  • "DOWNLOAD IS RIGHT HERE!!!" It's linked to my FF7 remix. I figured I start adding some sort of symbol to help you all track down downloads. This seriously better being an end to "where is all the music" whine.
  • Comments are now hard coded to the posts and they do not use a third party software. I'm happy about this one. I don't know what the hell she (my web designer) was thinking but she should have been slapped for adding that crappy commenting system. I don't care how messy it looks now, to have posts display like they do right now, I like Blogger posts more than the crap we had going with commercials and ad's. I like having more control.

Thats about it.

What I'm still working on is trying to find a way to go back to older posts. Blogger doesn't seem to have some sort of way but I'm sure there is a way. I just gotta research it more. It seems that I need to update to the new blogger but I cant. This web designer that got me stuck on classic blogger really punched me in the fact before she ran away. Almost all of the features I added today are all available on the new blogger. If she (my web designer) had just used the new blogger ... well I wouldn't be posting about this. I would be posting new music, but nooooo. My time is being eaten up by this. This site must be fixed. If you know of anyone, anyone who may know anything about html or bloggers, please ask them to assist me.

Also, if your site is related to music and you want me to add you to my "awesome sites" list, just post here. I'll link you up depending on if I like you or not :p I want that list to be growing too if you know what I mean.

Sep 26, 2007

Final Fantasy 7 - Ahead on our Rave

So you thought I didn't make anything new huh? Well, You're wrong. Dead wrong. I did make new stuff man, I made a new final fantasy remix in celebration of the 10th anniversary of Final Fantasy VII.

If you haven't heard of it, go there now, a lot of my good friends remixed songs from the game. I remixed Ahead on our way for the project.

For the first time, I made a happy hardcore song. full 180 bpm.

Download (right click to save)

Ooh I should make a stepmania edit for you guys. Gotta put that on my 'to do' list man, cant miss stepmania for the world.

Lumines Remixes

You have seen the music video right?

OK, Wonderful EEH?

No? Come on! Some of my friends at work are hesitant about this game but I say it's killer! I give you 3 valid reasons.

First off, building off from the first game it gets rid of elements from the first game and improves up on everything form the controls, the look to just the feel of moving blocks in Lumines. It's like they re-did everything.

Second off, Lumines 2 had tons of new feature (if you wanna call them that); I mean, choosing a difficulty wasn't an option in the first game. Then there is the music editor. Ooh man, now there is some fun fun stuff. I remixed soo many final fantasy songs in that editor. It's just so easy to use. I wish I could use my own samples XD then I'd be set.

Third? The video above? Yea, as gay as you think that was, thats not gay, so shut up before I punch you. If it was a guy skating with a shower of sprinkles of coming out of the back of the roller skates, then yea, that is wildly gay. But this was a good song, catchy melody, and look! It got remixed!

Heavenly Stars (Count Down Remix)(right click to download)

Thats not all it has, It has a lot more music videos, spanning from the bad artists like Gwen Stefani (cause shes b-a-n-a-n-a-s ) to good artists like
The Chemical Brothers So I'm totally in love with this game. I recommend anyone who is a puzzle manic, music enthusiast, to play this game. Much better than Puzzle Quest.

Make sure you play the tutorials. If you pick up the first copy of Lumines, make sure you watch the demo video that plays on the start menu, this will give you an idea on how to play the damn game. I know on the first game you didn't have much of a hint on how to build blocks and how to play the game correctly. People went in not knowing what to expect. At least Lumines 2 has a really detailed tutorial, shows you all sorts of little neat tricks on how to build blocks and how music is implemented into the game.

Amazing game once youy get down to it. A giant kiss to
Tetsuya Mizuguchi (I don't care if he's a man)for creating this great game. What are you waiting for??? GO out and play the game NOW!

Who knows, maybe I got exclusive vocal tracks for Heavenly Stars and might be in the mits of mixing it .... You think I'm kidding? Huh, just watch!

Aug 25, 2007

New Instruments, New Music

I know what you are thinking, This guy hasn't made anything in a while. well I have a perfectly good explanation for this.

First off, my main program, cubase, was not available to me a couple of months ago. I just had the LE version and that wasn't functioning too well on ...
Second, My mac. Yes, I was punished for having a mac instead of a PC. I should be. Anyone who thinks Macs are a more stable machine than PC to make Music on should be burned.
Third, My favorite VST, Vanguard, was limiting. I could, at best, only run, ONE VST at a time. ONE! THATS IT! WHAT THE HELL!??

I'm going back to hardware. At least I know I have 16 dedicated channels.

I bought me this


and a PC, so I'm a make me some music :p

Aug 17, 2007

a HUGE update!

Well... the site looks different huh? :) hahaha

How do you guys like it? better huh? I hope so, cause this is what you'll be looking at for a long time :p until I get bored at it.

First off I would like to say that I have been successfully working as a sound designer at High Impact games.

They made Ratchet and Clank for the PSP. It's so amazing. I'm working with the best bunch of people. Out of all the places I worked at. THQ, Vivendi Games, EA, Activision, this is the best place to be for me. You know why?

It's simple.

I work for a Sony First Party Developer. I couldn't ask for a better job. Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better job.

I'm a sound designer for a Sony First Party ... hahaha it has such a ring to it XD.

I cant say what I'm working on. I can't say when I'll be able to tell you guys what I'm working on but I'll be able to tell you soon, like in two weeks.

Till then, I have music to make. Seriously. I'm behind.

Currently I got something going for a OCR project. I'll be linking that stuff. Over Clocked remixes .... hmmm... I missed them. I'll be going back.

I'll also be releasing some originals. Now that I have a sound design job, I can finally focus on these little things :) ain't live swell?! gee golly!:) ... I'll be quiet now :)

One last thing I forgot to tell you.

Thank you for everything, thank you for staying by my site and supporting me in tough times. I owe some of you one.