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Dec 23, 2008

URU - Ages beyond Myst (FFmusic Dj mix)

Weeee! A new song! Yay.

Actually, some people already have this song. Most never knew I made a Myst remix. 

This was one of those impulses things. I just heard the song and I immediaetly started to compose. a week or two later, I made this. 

This was all on cubase SX 1 or 2, I don't remember, whatever was out around 2004. Yea, this is an old song. I used VST's on it that I dont even remember what they were, I dont have access to them anymore. So much has changed since I last worked on this song. The original file is unretrivable. This is all I have left. Actually, I got this song from a friend who downloaded it from VGmix 2 (when the site worked).  So this is the last copy I have of the song.


1 comment:

Gëist said...

Best Myst song IMHO, funny idea to remix this ! As a fan of the Myst serie, I have to applause this =D thanks !