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May 21, 2007

The new place where I work

It wont last much long. I like it though, the place where I work is amazing


They are currently making Guitar hero 3 and though I dont play the game often, I am loving it. I wish I could say more about the game but unfortunetly I am still under contract and signed a NDA which forbids me talk about the goodies we have here at Neversoft.

Maybe they will release some info on Guitar Hero 3? I don't know but lets hope so ... so I can breath easy. I hate keeping secrets and friends who know me best know this well. But this is for my company, my job XD that I'm so happy over. The last thing I would do is release info on the game my company is working on.

For me, my dream of working as a sound designer is so come true, I can't be happier. Like I said, it's only short lived, I will be out of a job soon cause this is only an internship. But every day I have been giving my 100% and people who I work with noticed or once again have thought that I am just sucking up and have a brown nose, they dont matter.

I am happy. I feel joyful. So joyful, it can be seen in my work, I am happy! I am happy!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the project. I know how you feel about working somewhere and being unable to talk about it. I enjoy your music very, very much. I've been trying to find Dream Egg from Xenogears and am having difficulty! T_T Good luck and I hope you have more opprotunities like this in the future. ^^

Neo Cloudski said...

Woot! Glad to see you are back and enjoying your work! :) I was somewhat scared you were going to vanish for good this time, but it is a relief to see my favorite music artist is still there. ^_^

Good luck on the projects at your job, I hope it continues to make you happy, and I may have to try Guitar Hero 3 if you worked on it! XD