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May 17, 2007

Sorry SORRY!

So I went ahead and I'm gonna start adding new features to the site. I'm gonna try to strip the whole site and make something cool, new fresh, poppin... I'm kidding :p But I will try to make something better than what you see.

I worked on new songs, yea, but I lost instrest before I could call it a song. I'll be honest, with the lack of time, I'm trying to come up with new stuff. In other news, I got a new job, I dont work with the evil corp EA anymore so WOOT. I work with activision as a SOUND DESIGNER! XD

I got my dream job, it's only temp but guess what I'm working on? XD Aaargh, Ok, so the company I specifically work for is Neversoft. The games neversoft makes is Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero 3.... and let me tell ya, everyone is in the Guitar Hero vibe. This game is gonna rock. As for me, I'm happy dude. Maybe this will inspire me to make music? :) Lets hope so.

Ooh and if you just noticed, I got a nice little flash player, this is what I'm listening to at work so enjoy it all you can :)

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