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Aug 17, 2007

a HUGE update!

Well... the site looks different huh? :) hahaha

How do you guys like it? better huh? I hope so, cause this is what you'll be looking at for a long time :p until I get bored at it.

First off I would like to say that I have been successfully working as a sound designer at High Impact games.

They made Ratchet and Clank for the PSP. It's so amazing. I'm working with the best bunch of people. Out of all the places I worked at. THQ, Vivendi Games, EA, Activision, this is the best place to be for me. You know why?

It's simple.

I work for a Sony First Party Developer. I couldn't ask for a better job. Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better job.

I'm a sound designer for a Sony First Party ... hahaha it has such a ring to it XD.

I cant say what I'm working on. I can't say when I'll be able to tell you guys what I'm working on but I'll be able to tell you soon, like in two weeks.

Till then, I have music to make. Seriously. I'm behind.

Currently I got something going for a OCR project. I'll be linking that stuff. Over Clocked remixes .... hmmm... I missed them. I'll be going back.

I'll also be releasing some originals. Now that I have a sound design job, I can finally focus on these little things :) ain't live swell?! gee golly!:) ... I'll be quiet now :)

One last thing I forgot to tell you.

Thank you for everything, thank you for staying by my site and supporting me in tough times. I owe some of you one.

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