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Aug 25, 2007

New Instruments, New Music

I know what you are thinking, This guy hasn't made anything in a while. well I have a perfectly good explanation for this.

First off, my main program, cubase, was not available to me a couple of months ago. I just had the LE version and that wasn't functioning too well on ...
Second, My mac. Yes, I was punished for having a mac instead of a PC. I should be. Anyone who thinks Macs are a more stable machine than PC to make Music on should be burned.
Third, My favorite VST, Vanguard, was limiting. I could, at best, only run, ONE VST at a time. ONE! THATS IT! WHAT THE HELL!??

I'm going back to hardware. At least I know I have 16 dedicated channels.

I bought me this


and a PC, so I'm a make me some music :p

1 comment:

ffmusicdj said...

This sucks, I couldnt get my hands on a JP-8080. I'm gonna try to get a Roaland SH-201. It's still under debate...