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Mar 5, 2008

Utada Hikaru - Passion ~after the battle~ (FFmusic Dj Bootleg Mix)

I worked really hard on this remix.
It's dedicated to a butt load of fans who love Hikki. I love this woman, she is absolutely wonderful.

Her music is magic and it's no surprise that when you listen to her stuff, it gives you chills. Wow, what a wonderful performance, you would say. You are not alone, I have felt it so many times when I watch this clip.
It was about time I dedicated a song to her. What better song then the song from Kingdom Hearts. Most may hate Kingdom hearts but I'm telling ya you're missing out. The song was just one of the pluses.

Anyways, It took me a couple of months to get this finished. I'm happy with it.

I hope you guys like it as much as I do.


Eliza said...

This was incredible - love hikaru utada, love the remix
thanks a lot otsukaresama ne ^_^

Nigel said...

I love anything utada, thanks for making this, i can't wait to listen to it.

Jiin said...

This is a lovely remix, thank you so much for sharing with hikki fans <3

Roxas said...

This is amazing, and great work from the live track. I can't wait to hear the version of Simple and Clean your remixing!

Anonymous said...