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Apr 23, 2008

Twitter Update

Hey you guys, just wanted to come up and say that I have updated the front page to have twitter.

This is a very odd thing and I'm gonna see how it plays out with my site. If you wanna know what I am up to, you will through twitter.

A couple of other updates, I'm planning on making a full 50 minutes CD to be released soon. I'm gonna start working on music starting soon and out of all the songs, maybe one of them will be a remix. The rest are all gonna be original songs.

I think I'm beyond expanding, the boat to expand to Original music is about to pass me and I don't wanna miss this opportunity.

I haven't decided what theme the CD will have but I'm thinking of using similar instrument to produce my music.

I always have a music pallet that I base all my music off of. Majority of my sound FX, my snares and drum beats are old. I'm not planning to get new stuff, I'm gonna stick with the old stuff in hopes I make something rich from the pallet of sounds.

Thats it for now.

1 comment:

A said...

Your Utada remix was long for me, compared to the usual 4 minute songs, but it was well worth it!