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Jan 5, 2009

BT - The Great Escape (HAP Mix)

I sware, I posted this, This was posted! I remember doing this!
No matter. So people were asking where the great escape BT song is that I did a while ago.... It was originally a 3 minute song, A chillout version of BT's The great escape. It's now a full song, I eventually found time to make the song into a whole actual finished song. It should sound totally different from what the original sounds like. I changed the cords, wored out really well.

BT a really nice looking guy and all (seriously, they dont call him the "prince of dance music" cause of his skills :p ) but, he's WAYYYYY too obsessed with his kid. It's one thing to dedicate music to your friends or loved one, it's a completely different think to actually force people at your live preformance (who might I remind you didnt come) to view hours of video of your kid (walking, dancing, taking a poopie) at your concert. Seriously though, I come to a BT live to see BT, not BT's obsessions, and I'm never making a mistake of going to another one of his live again. 

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Luis Chiessa said...

Haroo!!!!, My gosh I recall listening too this song a few year's back & I finally found it again, but I sadly cant download it or listen too it, is there anyway you can assist... I'm willing to donate for this song!!!!