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Jan 6, 2009

Oceanlab - Satellite (Hap Mix)

Another song I posted, i sware I remember posting! 
This is one of those songs with original vocals! Used with permission! it's way different, and way original form the original? Hear more man!
This is a song I made about 2 years ago, it was actually inspired by a photo of ... well I think it was the earth, and a moon forming. I called the song "New Born Earth and Moon". Believe me, this was one heck of a picture.

Eventually, I got my hands on the Vox of Oceanlab's finest song. The vocals were clean cut and perfect. All I had to do was mix it, but to what? Aaah, this song! It somehow went perfect with my Earth song. I mixed in the vocals and before I knew it, I had a hit.

It's a great song, with great vocals; you would not be smart to miss this song!


Luis said...

ok dam that this song was awsome i like the beat in the back ground

Matthew Sullivan said...

Fucking insane.