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Jul 8, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Final Fantasy VII - Cosmo Cannyon (FFmusic Dj Mix) (Falling Stars)

This is a way old remix I did back in the day.

Download all you want. I'm kind of sad I didn't put it up.


Anonymous said...

Before I heard this song, i was only playing the game and I didnt know what trance etc. even was :P So you can say this is the first trance tune I ever really listened to :P Brings me way back when I was playing the game in my younger days:) Used to try some ff remixes of my own, but nothing ended up this good :P Luv this song, mate. Ur best work in my opinion :D


Nee said...

I love this mix so much~ It brings back memories~ <333

Steve said...

Awesome remix! I remember listening to this a while ago, but had forgotten it existed. I think that this remix differentiates itself from many trance remixes in that the melody keeps changing throughout the entire song. Many, if not most, trance remixers attempt to extend the music to make it seem as if it's longer than it should be through repetition. This mix avoids that mistake expertly.

Perhaps you might be willing to post this one at remixSite? We'd be honored to have remixes of such quality at our site.

Anonymous said...

I got it when you first put it out.. now my ipod is being retarded and i have to wipe it. Thank you for putting it up, i cant find it anywhere else.