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Jul 9, 2009

Video Game Remixes: Final Fantasy VII - Off The Edge of Despair (FFmusic Dj Mix)

Did I tell you? Back in 1999 I made this remix of Final Fantasy VII but never released it.

Wha? Why? I actually don't remember why. It's an OLD song, 10 years old. Damn, I made this when I was 14 years old! Good god... And I am surprised it sounds as good as it does. some people might say it sounds nothing like the original, but thats what I was going for I guess.

Man I miss playing Final Fantasy VII, it's arguably the best RPG ever made, but it's by far the best game I ever played. And I miss making dance songs. This is before I went into the whole trance thing.

Anyways, enjoy it for what it is.


Chrish said...

I used to listen to these when you released them back when. I can't believe it's been 10 years since then!

Rhythmic said...

Oh this one did work :)


I like the sound. Can't wait to hear the others as well ...