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Jan 18, 2006

Final Fantasy 6 - Relm (Hap Mix)

One of the most complicates songs I have ever made in my life!

This song was originally, a piece of crap, I spent like a couple of days working on it and it was a smooth techno remix. The main melody was terrible, I mean ... wow, I remember I let people hear the demo of it and people were like " wtf?" Eventually I started to realize that the chords I used in this song don’t really go with the main melody of Relm.

One day I bought a drum machine, a sampler and all that changed. Suddenly, my song was slower, with a lot more groove. The drum samples were amazing. And the bass was a lot more vibrant, the bass moved up and down a lot. Suddenly, the song started to work with the chords I gave to it. But the final decent into completion, the main melody was changed into a melody that transformed itself from a pad to a 16 bar metronome. Easy release rate really made this main melody shine.

To top it off, I added a piano, adds a real nice touch if you ask me.

To top it off, I added samples from the drum machine, rhythmic vocal samples to really give it another twist. And something no one may know, the fx on the vocals can not be done on a computer, they were made live on the drum machine. The vocals are form the vocal version of Relm! Try to listen to the song and see if you can hear the vocals!

Enjoy you guys.



Luis said...

It will be awsome if you got some more final fantasy remix's

By the way this is awsome , song to

Bart / DJ Nova said...

Excellent remix. The beginning was a bit messy, but the funky drums and the dreamy pad sound awesome ^^.

Luis said...

yea that's true!

Toonia said...


Rhythmic said...

The downloads don't work either :(

Is this blog dead ?