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Jan 17, 2006

Final Fantasy 6 - Celces Dance(Hap Mix)

Do some people still remember this? This is like an old ass mix I made like waaaaay back when. Fresh and sexy looking, right form the mastering stage!
I just went ahead and re-mastered it. It sounds warmer now.

Everything else is eq'ed correctly. Nothing more I could do, this is like the ONLY copy I have of it so there was like this noise in the background, eeh, I couldn't fix it, it's there but I guess it's just staying.

Anyways, Wow, this is a really groovin song. I really like this, I really do.

And I really worked hard on this song and I hope you can hear it.



Mishotaki said...

hehe i still have this in my playlist... let me see....
"created October 2, 2001"
pretty old ^_^ but this song is still great :)
it stands in my list with:
FFmusic Dj FF7- Cid's THeme REMIX
FF8 Maby I'm a lion REMIX(hum.... you made a typo in the id3 tag at the time! LOL)
FF7-The Edge Of Despair_FFM Remix
FF6- Airship(trance version)
FF7 - Aeris Theme Remix

i got all of those on the same day... still don't remember how... i think it was from the old site you had linked to

Luis said...

Yea they were great!