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Jan 16, 2006

Xenogears - Dream Egg (Dance Mix)

Isn't that great? One of my favorite game in the world, well, one of them! Anyways, you guys remember this mix? It's another Old Classic, Dream Egg (Dance Mix) Man I love Florida Dance. That stuff totally roxors! I was working on the Project Majestic Mix Album, and I decided that I should make a dance mix with the great trance melody I made for this song. I was listening to a lot of Florida Dance mixes, man, Florida Dance mixes totally rock. If you ever get a chance, go to Miami, the club scene there is hot.

Anyways, This song is one of my favorite. I like how the soundtrack of Xenogears is smooth and very flowing and sensual, kind of like some dance/trance tracks that are out there.

A lot of people told me that the tune brings back old classical NES memories for some reason. If you like it, thanks, if you don’t, I hope my next song will be something you might look forward to.



Anonymous said...

I love this song, love blasting it really loud. Great energy.

Blindzoom said...

Damn man this is what i can call "party stuff":)
Pope please make Haaron Saint now:D!

Jewbei (VGMIX) said...

hey whats up? i really like this remix I had a hard time looking for this song and i found it keep at it and im trying to find your remix on rena's theme from star ocean the second story..i would buy the album but im poor lol but yea i hope to hear more music from you when VGMix 3.0 is back up...peace


Luis said...

This trance is awsome

Almasy said...

Still one of my favorites.