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Sep 26, 2007

Lumines Remixes

You have seen the music video right?

OK, Wonderful EEH?

No? Come on! Some of my friends at work are hesitant about this game but I say it's killer! I give you 3 valid reasons.

First off, building off from the first game it gets rid of elements from the first game and improves up on everything form the controls, the look to just the feel of moving blocks in Lumines. It's like they re-did everything.

Second off, Lumines 2 had tons of new feature (if you wanna call them that); I mean, choosing a difficulty wasn't an option in the first game. Then there is the music editor. Ooh man, now there is some fun fun stuff. I remixed soo many final fantasy songs in that editor. It's just so easy to use. I wish I could use my own samples XD then I'd be set.

Third? The video above? Yea, as gay as you think that was, thats not gay, so shut up before I punch you. If it was a guy skating with a shower of sprinkles of coming out of the back of the roller skates, then yea, that is wildly gay. But this was a good song, catchy melody, and look! It got remixed!

Heavenly Stars (Count Down Remix)(right click to download)

Thats not all it has, It has a lot more music videos, spanning from the bad artists like Gwen Stefani (cause shes b-a-n-a-n-a-s ) to good artists like
The Chemical Brothers So I'm totally in love with this game. I recommend anyone who is a puzzle manic, music enthusiast, to play this game. Much better than Puzzle Quest.

Make sure you play the tutorials. If you pick up the first copy of Lumines, make sure you watch the demo video that plays on the start menu, this will give you an idea on how to play the damn game. I know on the first game you didn't have much of a hint on how to build blocks and how to play the game correctly. People went in not knowing what to expect. At least Lumines 2 has a really detailed tutorial, shows you all sorts of little neat tricks on how to build blocks and how music is implemented into the game.

Amazing game once youy get down to it. A giant kiss to
Tetsuya Mizuguchi (I don't care if he's a man)for creating this great game. What are you waiting for??? GO out and play the game NOW!

Who knows, maybe I got exclusive vocal tracks for Heavenly Stars and might be in the mits of mixing it .... You think I'm kidding? Huh, just watch!


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Pretz said...

one of my absolute favorite songs from Lumines 2. You did a good job of turning it into your own style, as with all other remixes. The intro was abit long, but that's how most trance songs are, so it doesn't bother me as much. Kudos!