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Sep 27, 2007

Modified the site

Major changes, here and there, have been added. Can't move around "my ass", I just couldn't sit here and wait for this little bitch ( my web designer) to show up. The bitch bailed on me. That son of a .... stole my money! She did a half-assed job. I had to fix practically everything that mattered, like navigation?

Ugh, I even told her I'd pay her if she would fix the small things, but no, she just didn't respond to any of my messages. The bitch bailed. D:

Here are the major changes to the site.

  • Posts are now linked; who would think that this is such an important thing? fuck I got soo annoyed I couldn't click on my own posts. How can you possibly link my posts to others sites? You cant if I don't provide you with the link! So now every post should have a link.
  • Home button at the end of the page. I don't know why this was important but you much rather have a home button than a "scroll back up manually you whore" button.
  • Lables lables lables! I love mis spelling!! I added labels to the main page. Their are not that many labels posted as of yet but, just hang in there, I'll be adding more and more random lables :p.
  • Navigation bar!!! WOOT! Now you can stop bitching about where the music is, gosh! I'll be adding more random stuff there.
  • "DOWNLOAD IS RIGHT HERE!!!" It's linked to my FF7 remix. I figured I start adding some sort of symbol to help you all track down downloads. This seriously better being an end to "where is all the music" whine.
  • Comments are now hard coded to the posts and they do not use a third party software. I'm happy about this one. I don't know what the hell she (my web designer) was thinking but she should have been slapped for adding that crappy commenting system. I don't care how messy it looks now, to have posts display like they do right now, I like Blogger posts more than the crap we had going with commercials and ad's. I like having more control.

Thats about it.

What I'm still working on is trying to find a way to go back to older posts. Blogger doesn't seem to have some sort of way but I'm sure there is a way. I just gotta research it more. It seems that I need to update to the new blogger but I cant. This web designer that got me stuck on classic blogger really punched me in the fact before she ran away. Almost all of the features I added today are all available on the new blogger. If she (my web designer) had just used the new blogger ... well I wouldn't be posting about this. I would be posting new music, but nooooo. My time is being eaten up by this. This site must be fixed. If you know of anyone, anyone who may know anything about html or bloggers, please ask them to assist me.

Also, if your site is related to music and you want me to add you to my "awesome sites" list, just post here. I'll link you up depending on if I like you or not :p I want that list to be growing too if you know what I mean.

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