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Oct 1, 2007

My Lumines 2 Remix

It's not done yet, I don't have any solid DAW to work on so I'm kind of stranded.

My software on Mac crashes so I can't use it. But it was originally made on my Mac using Pro tools and Reason.

I wanna switch to Cubase and Reason, but I still have a problem of arranging the piece. Making music has become harder and harder. It has, as I make more high quality music, my standard is lifting. Plus there is a lot of competition out there now.

I usually rise to challenges such as other competitors but with the lack of a DAW, I dont know what to do. It's like that inspiration juice has run dry and my motivation has be drained by software that crashes and hardware that can't handle more than 1 or 2 instruments running at one time.

I think I'm in need of a stand alone DAW, Hardware and software that don't work on a PC or a Mac.

That or I have to wait to buy a new PC

Otherwise, this Lumines 2 mix would be done!


Listen in on it. It's nowhere near finished but man does it sound sweeeeet.

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A said...

wow. you updated a lot since i last visited. I'm currently liking "Breeze" by genki rockets, and not too fond of the remixes they released of "heavenly star"

ooh.. one remix that would be interesting to hear from you would be "Lights" from the original Lumines. And for some reason I keep thinking that you remixed "Ahead on our way" before the OC Remix album...