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Oct 14, 2007

Einhander - Dawn (FFmusic Dj Mix)

This is one of my FAVORITE songs I had to ever make (other than any FFVII stuff). I love Einhander, It's possibly one of the best shooters I have ever played in my life. And by shooters, I mean shoot em up (not halo, or first person, it's old skool man).

After I finished the song, I had a interesting person listen to it, it was the composer of the Einhander soundtrack! True story.

A copy of this song was sent to Kenichiro Fukui, I believe, and from what I hear, he loved it. The people at Cocoe biz were nice enough to send him a copy and even send me a reply back from him.

Man, that was some sort of satisfaction for me. This mix just sounded awesome, it felt bigger and beeeeefy.

Mind you, it's a progressive trance man, PROGRESSIVE TRANCE, thats why it's long dude, (get with the times yo!) and enjoy.

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Tet1 said...

I'm Tet1.I am a Japanese.

I listen to "Dawn" every day,because I like progressive trance.
This song is wonderful!