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Oct 2, 2007

Heavenly Stars - EP

Yup, I got the whole album right here for you.

Genki Rockets did a good job at making the original.

And honestly? I think some of the songs are alright; but not as good as the original.
I'm actually really surprised. Listen to the songs yourself! I'll be reviewing these songs tonight.

Also if you are interested in listening to this album while browsing the internet, firefox user can do so. Click on the link below, it will ask you to bookmark, bookmark away, and open the bookmark and firefox will automatically open the side bar with the songs from Heavenly Stars - EP loaded in it.
Listen to Heavenly Stars - EP on your Firefox sidebar


A said...

darn. i can't view the music player.. maybe it's because i have windows vista... -_-

Seruma said...

I can't view the muic player either though... and I have Windows 2000... -_-

Neo Cloudski said...

I can see it. To those who can't, Get Firefox.

ffmusicdj said...

You know I use a mac with Firefox, and I couldn't see it in IE or Safari but I could see it firefox, but at work I use IE and I can see it. Sure some of you cant see it?